Traditionally, crowns were available in three dominant varieties: porcelain-infused-to-metal, all porcelain (ceramic), and all metal. Each crown type offers superb durability and tooth coverage while alleviating the occurrence of periodontal infections and conditions such as tooth decay or fractures.

However, there's a new kind of dental material that offers all the above benefits and many others under one package: Zirconia dental crowns.

What is a Zirconia dental crown?

The Zirconia is a human-made material that is often used as an imitation of the diamond high-end costume jewelry.


This is probably the biggest benefit of a Zirconia crown. Unlike other crowns, the Zirconia is translucent, meaning that it allows light to pass through as a normal tooth would, therefore giving the tooth the natural transparency that real teeth have.

With the Zirconia, it will be hard for someone to differentiate or distinguish the crown tooth from the other natural teeth. By blending well with the existing natural teeth, the Zirconia crowns retain the beauty of your teeth.


The Zirconia crowns are splendidly robust. The Zirconia is handmade from a unique and robust type of crystal; the sturdiness of the crown is a vital quality required in all crowns.

The strong Zirconia crown will also help prevent damage.

Minimally invasive

Most of the dental procedures take a long time to heal completely. However, this is not the case with Zirconia crowns; application of the crown does not require the complete removal of the enamel, and the whole tooth does not have to be removed.

Application of the Zirconia crown is a conservative process and is always preferred since it entails partial removal of the tooth. Also, unlike bridges, the Zirconia crown does not entail inserting special support items in the mouth.


Zirconia crowns are biocompatible, meaning that there's no risk of having an allergic reaction. Also, Zirconium has extremely low thermal conductivity so the normal cold or hot sensations felt with other types of aesthetic dental crowns are virtually nonexistent with the Zirconia crowns.

Natural appeal

Zirconia crowns are manufactured from zirconium oxide which has the strength of a metal crown and the natural appearance of a porcelain crown. This means that you get double the benefits from a single package. Their transparency and light-reflecting qualities allow them to blend aesthetically with natural teeth without showing a black line on the gum.

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